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Masamune's Secret Letters - #6
To Youko-san in heaven.

I recently participated in the sumo match after being asked by Koharu-chan. At first I declined… As you know Youko-san, I’m not good at these things… I’ll be seen losing. I thought that if Koharu-chan sees me clumsily losing she will only be disappointed
Youko-san. I always thought that whatever I do, me who cant do anything right is awkward. But really, the thing that is really awkward is the me that gives up at everything and uses “I don't think I can do it well.. “ as an excuse. Because I cant do it….. even if I do try, I will definitely fail at it… Once I tried it, I knew that I’ve been escaping. Escaping from Youko-san, from Koharu-chan, from photo-taking, and lastly myself….

But even if its scary, if its embarrassing, if I have no confidence, its not just me right? Everyone is like that. And even so, I’ll put on the face of death and move forward with all my energy. Youko-san who gave birth to Koharu-chan, and Koharu-chan who was the only person in her group of friends who couldn't kendama and practiced with all her might.. everyone.. everyone.. Youko-san, I felt the sense of reality when I participated in the sumo match. Its easy to run away but, if even if I lose, but don't run away and face it, a energy that I haven’t even thought of spilled out. At that moment, all that scariest and whatever, all blew away and I wanted to move forward even more.
Youko-san. I’ll stop saying excuses. I may still run away sometimes, but I think I’ll take out some courage and face it. Because I don't want to regret like that day that i closed my own path when I couldn't chase after you…. Really, this is what I am thinking from the bottom of my heart at the moment.

- Masamune


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