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Visting Arashi
Countdown... 5 days til i am in Tokyo.. though all avenues of normal methods of purchasing Arashi concert tickets have fallen through and i am not willing to pay ridiculous amounts of profiteerers... i am going anyways. Taking all my accrued annual leave (which isnt much) and travelling all the way to Tokyo to be near my beloved boys but not being able to see them is a cruel way to treat a LT fan...whos only "Crime" is not being able to live in Japan, and otherwise would've join the FC when i knew of the boy's existence 9/10 years ago.... but if thats the way Johnny's wants it, Johnny's will get it that way.

Because this is a Arashi inspired trip, i am doing things that are Arashi related. So besides deciding to spend a fortune on goods.. and being near the venue for all 3 nights.. i am going to Nikko (think Himitsu no arashi-chan natsu yasumi), VS arashi park @ Odaiba, KDDI building and Johnny's store in Harajuku, and visiting various food places seen on shukudai kun...visiting Mr & Mrs Aiba's restaurant.. and many more.


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