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Masamune's Secret Letters - #7
To Youko-san in heaven.

Even if I think that I will never forget you, Youko-san, its certain one day I will like someone else. Its sad, but life is so…. Taka-chan said so. What do you think Youko-san? Because its you Youko-san, you’ll worry about my future and will say “That's right, Masamune-kun. Theres other good people out there besides me. Masamune-kun should think about ur own happiness.” But, i… honestly don't know. No no, definitely no such thing. There wont be a day that I will like someone else other than Youko-san. Even though I say this, I cant be 100% sure of myself. Maybe, just maybe there will be a day I will suddenly like someone…..
My heart hurts when I think of this. But Youko-san, if you and Koharu-chan isn’t here… I might not even step out a little bit in my life. Because you are here and because Koharu-chan is here, I can think about advancing in life. Supported by the love from you two, I can stand here today. I think that's happiness. There are various things that I still don't have confidence in, but, because of that, i can say so with confidence.

That's right! Youko-san. I’m 25 now. Koharu-chan celebrated with me. In Koharu-chan’s singing I could hear your voice. I was very happy. I thought I will forever be smiling being able to be have the thought of Youko-san and Koharu-chan, who I love, together. So, Youko-san, I want ou to be by Koharu-chan and my side from now on too. Because this will be my biggest happiness i can think of at the moment…
- Masamune


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